Monday, April 29, 2013

Ideas For A Graduation Party

Is it that time already? Whether it's high school or college, here are some fun ideas for a graduation party.

Decorating in your graduate's school colors is always popular, but not mandatory. Feel free to be creative and honor your grad with their favorite colors instead, if you prefer.

For refreshments, some creative ideas include "cap and gown" shaped treats using upside-down peanut butter cups with either a block of chocolate or a graham cracker on top. Use a quick squirt of icing on top for the "tassel" and secure it with a small round chocolate-covered candy, such as M&Ms. You can place these on a stick or on top of a cupcake.

You can use rolls of "Smarties" or sticks of hard candy in their school colors and tie ribbons around them to resemble diplomas. "Smarties" are great because of the play on words, and very cute!

Continue the diploma theme by setting out a "wishes" table where guests can create their own scrolls of wishes for the graduate. Place a bowl in the center with small sheets of paper, pens and cut ribbon for guests to offer advice or wish them well. After their scrolls are made they can drop them into the bowl for the graduate to later enjoy and keep.

Don't forget the party favors! Make sure to send your guests home with something to say "thanks for coming". Personalized photo frames, playing cards and edible favors are great for this occasion!

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