Friday, March 1, 2013

Hosting a French Themed Party

French themed parties are becoming one of the hottest trends! They're fun, they're easy, they're stylish, and best of all, they're perfect for many occasions.

Let them eat cake!

Set up a decorative refreshment table completely decked out in the pink and black theme. Serve pink cupcakes with Damask or polka dot liners. Or have a cake decorated with a French theme!
Serve champagne for adult parties, or pink lemonade and Evian for the under age crowd.
Set out an assortment of French cheeses, baguettes and croissants for party food. How about some eclairs?

Parlez-vous Francais?

For entertainment, play some French folk music in the background. Or play movies that are set in Paris such as "Charade" (Audrey Hepburn is always an icon of style), "Gigi" or "Les Miserables".
Or how about playing a game of French trivia? Do a little research in advance on French history or culture and make up your own game. France has a deep and fascinating history. Art and music flows like champagne. You might learn something interesting yourself! For the little ones, a nice game of "Pin the Tail on the Poodle" will break the ice.

Say "Fromage!"

Commemorate your soiree with photos! Set up an area with press on mustaches, berets, baguettes and scarves. Find a poster of the Eiffel Tower or another France landmark for the background, or purchase a personalized photo booth backdrop to create the look.

Hosting a French themed party is easy and fun. It will be one of the prettiest party setups you've ever displayed! With so many options, you "can-can" make it the best party ever! Your guests will say "oui oui!" we loved your party!

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