Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wine-ing for a New Party Idea?

Are you looking for an easy and simple party idea to bring people together but not sure what to do? Are you busy and have little time to plan but really like to entertain? Consider hosting a wine and cheese party for your next get-together!

Wine and cheese parties are super easy to put together because you can ask everyone to bring either a bottle of their favorite wine and/or a sampling of their favorite cheese! You provide a few of your own and maybe a few extra snacks and...voila! Other wine and cheese enthusiasts love to share their finds with others and you may just find a few new faves of your own!

There are so many more affordable and delicious wines to choose from these days. Your local grocery stores and chains often feature a wine and cheese or gourmet foods selection. Wineries are popping up everywhere too. Local favorites are becoming more prominent in the retail market. There's no need to put out a huge buffet or spend all day cooking as you would if you were hosting a dinner party or putting out the traditional spread. With wine and cheese parties, the wine is really the focus. Well, that and the conversation!

Because they're more intimate, wine and cheese parties bring people around for stimulating conversation in a more relaxed and "get to know you" environment. It's a great way to introduce new friends to one another. These types of parties can be larger with lots of wine and cheese stations to stop and sample here and there, with mingling happening everywhere. They can also be smaller, just a few guests around the fireplace at home.

If you're invited to attend a wine and cheese themed party as a guest, you can thank them for their hospitality by bringing them a personalized wine themed gift such as a personalized insulated wine tote or personalized wine glasses available in white, red or even stemless, the newest and hottest trend in glassware.

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