Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage Theme Wedding Ideas

Vintage themed weddings debuted as a big hit last year. This chic remake of the 1920's era is all about style and grace. From the decor to the photography, an antique look is the perfect choice for your wedding day.


Flowers play an important role in the vintage wedding. Real wedding bouquets in the 1920's were HUGE! They were sometimes longer than the hemlines! But what a gorgeous tradition, and one you should consider keeping for a truly authentic and beautiful vintage wedding.

Be sure to include lots of roses, hydrangeas and lilacs to match the heirloom tones of the style.

Favors and Gifts

Make sure to have plenty of vintage style favors to thank your guests for sharing your day.

And for your guys and dolls who stood up with you while you said your "I Do's", don't forget to present them with a great gift. For the groomsmen, pocket watches have been a traditional favorite and go with the overall theme. For the bridesmaids, maybe consider that dazzling vintage necklace set for the special day.


You'll want to preserve the charm of the day with excellent photography. Make sure your photographer knows your theme ahead of time. They may have some creative ideas to help you record the moments. Vintage wedding photos look especially elegant in black and white so be sure to have some printed in a true old-fashioned way!

Getaway Car

Some couples have even gone so far as to rent vintage vehicles from the 20's or 30's to magically transport them as husband and wife. Imagine the great photo opportunities around this set of wheels!

After almost an entire century, we're still drawn to these styles. They’re timeless and classy. Weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring them back for a day! With these essentials, you can be the best "ragtime bride" that's ever walked down the aisle!

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