Thursday, April 2, 2009

Butterfly Themed Weddings

Spring is the time of year when caterpillars begin the change process and turn into beautiful butterflies. Butterflies make adorable additions to any parties. Let the beauty of nature help inspire key elements of your wedding celebration.

Butterfly-shaped accessories such as the headpiece in the picture below make a whimsical yet sophisticated headpiece.

Butterfly accessories hanging in the flower bouquet such as these pictured in the below photograph are very cute and very beautiful!

Visit your local craft store and create butterfly-shaped crafts, which you can use to decorate your reception lanterns with.

Rather than purchasing expensive doves for releasing during the wedding ceremony or reception, why not release a cage full of colorful butterflies instead?

We love these cupcakes topped with faux butterflies, a perfect finger food for the reception!

And of course, what butterfly-themed wedding goes without butterfly themed favors?

"Love is Aflutter" Butterfly Place Card Holders
These pretty little creatures are made of high quality metal and pastel-colored pearl-like beads. They can also hold other items such as photos.

Butterfly Garden Gift Baskets with Wildflower Seed Packets
Each basket is made of a dainty and delicate butterfly frame with charming mesh lining. They come with a bit of paper “grass” filling and a wildflower seed packet.

Floating Butterfly Tea Light in Garden-Themed Gift Box
These pretty, pastel-pink butterfly tea lights float on water and will make a romantic decoration at the reception, especially when lit at night.

Images: BD-i Design,, The Butterfly Release Company, Pacific Weddings

A Quickie Marriage

Fun Wedding Fact: The shortest well known celebrity marriage was Britney Spear's marriage to Jason Alexander. They were married approximately 56 hours.

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